Ruga settlement: Why dis Fulani herdsman no gbadun di plan

Fulani boy stand with im cow dem Image copyright STEFAN HEUNIS/AFP/Getty
Image example Many pipo don die inside herdsmen and farmers qwanta inside Nigeria.

Wen di federal gofment of Nigeria unveil dia plan to build 'Ruga settlement' across di kontri as a way to stop di herdsmen and farmers qwanta wey don kill plenti pipo, e no tey before pipo begin dey kick against am.

Gofment explanation say dia plan with di programme wey no dey compulsory, na to build rural settlement for both animal farmers and cattle herders to epp settle migrant families wey dey herd cattle, no epp to stop pipo from suspecting di agenda behind di plan.

Most of di pipo wey protest na from di south, including govnors like Samuel Ortom of Benue and Nyesom Wike of Rivers state speak out say dem no want.

But unlike wetin many pipo dey tink say di Fulani herdsmen gbadun di plan, e get some feel sa na very-very bad idea.

30-year-old Mallam Jauro Hardo (no be im real name) na one of those Fulani herdsmen wey no want am.

Jauro wey beg BBC Pidgin not to mention im real name, or show im face because of orders wey dem get from dia leadership not to speak on di mata, tok say dis gofment Ruga plan na one wey no dey sustainable due to a lot of reasons.

Image example Ruga na small-small houses like dis wan wey di Fulani pipo dey build to live in for di period dem dey any place.

"If dem wan keep us for one place with our animals, you wan tell me say gofment go dey provide wetin we and our animals go dey chop over a long period of time without any problem? Secondly Fulanis just like many oda tribes come from different places. You no go carry pipo from different places jampack dem for one place with dia different background and expect say tins go move smoothly."

"Me wey u dey see so. Sometimes I dey spend up to two years with my cows without coming home moving from state to state, how u feel say I go enjoy one place?" Na so Jauro tok.

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Wetin you sabi about Fulani Ruga system?

Mallam Jauro also express concern about expenses wey dem dey incure for dia cows wey e tok say gofment no go fit handle for dem.

"Dis four calves (e point dem) wey u dey see, na special feeding regime dem dey on because dem no dey follow dia mothers comot go find food. I spend up to N500,000 ontop dis four alone every dry season. I sure say no gofment go help me with dis."

Image example Mallam Jauro tell BBC P idgin say e dey very expensive to atke care of cows like dis ones wey dey on a special diet.

Fulani leadership under Miyetti Allah and Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, don already show support for di Ruga project and na why pipo like Mallam Jauro, wey get different opinion on di mata no wan comot tok publicly.

Despite say Federal gofment suspend di nationwide plan to build ruga in all state afta many pipo protest am, e get some states wey say dem go carry on with di project as dem see benefit for inside.

Zamfara State don already allocate 300 hectares to start di Ruga project and Kano State govnor Abdullahi Ganduje don give im Ruga committee three weeks to submit report so as to start dia own.

Tok tok pesin to Kano govnor Kabiru Anwar tell BBC Pidgin say di govnor dey pity Fulani pipo no be small and e also believe say di Ruga project go help di state.

"Kano get enough forests and dis commitee go report wia and wia gofment go do dis Ruga project. Gofment go build schools for dem, hospitals and oda amenities so dem no need to move again."

For di speech wey Ganduje give after e form di committee e tok say Ruga project go reduce crime wella.

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