Google Doodle: 5 tins to sabi about Buchi Emecheta

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Image example "I dey work toward di freedom of women, but I no be feminist. I just be woman."

Google dey celebrate Florence Onyebuchi "Buchi" Emecheta, one of di ogbonge writers wey from Nigeria, wit Google Doodle wey dey appear when you go dia site homepage.

July 21 supposed to be di 75 years birth of di Nigeria born British writer Buchi Emecheta.

Doodle na di Google way of celebrating holidays, achievements plus important events.

Today dem dey remember di author for di work wey she do for African literature and for Women's empowerment.

Buchi publish 20 novels including her 1986 autobiography, Head Above Water. For 1976, BBC show her television play, A Kind of Marriage.

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Tins you gats know about Buchi Emecheta.

Na Lagos dem born am.

Na for Yaba, Lagos, dem born her to Alice Ogbanje Okwuekwu Emecheta, and Jeremy Nwabudike Emecheta.

Her papa bin work for railway before im go join di British Army for Burma wia im die.

She bin also get scholarship to Methodist Girls' High School wey also dey for Yaba, Lagos.

Her works dey based on her life experience

Buchi Emecheta marry her husband Sylvester Onwordi, when she dey 16 years.

Dem bin don engage to marry since dem dey 11 years old. Togeda di two of dem relocate go London wia she begin go school and also work for di Library.

When she write her first book, she bin give her husband make im read but im burn am.

She say na dat time she decide say she go leave di marriage. Plenti tins wey she start to dey write about torchlight di problems wey women dey face and how education fit help make women more independent.

Her first book 'In the Ditch' dey partly based on her life after she leave her husband.

National award from di UK

For 2005, Emecheta get Order of the British Empire for her work for Literature.

Na award wey di Queen dey give to pipo wey don do well for arts, sciences and pipo wey dey do charitable works.

She be feminist icon

For many feminists, Buchi Emecheta be one of di pipo wey use her works to torchlight some of di issues wey women dey face.

Even though she dey passionate about women's liberation, she no like to call herself feminist becos African women experience different from wetin white pipo dey face.

She prefer di term, 'womanist' becos according her, "I dey work toward di freedom of women, but I no be feminist. I just be woman."

She also write books for children

Emecheta also publish some ogbonge children's books like Nowhere to Play and The Moonlight Bride.

For 1983, Book Marketing Council select am as one of twenty Best of Young British Writers.

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