Mangrove fit clean di polluted environment for Niger Delta - Nigerian expert
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Solution to clean Niger Delta pollution fit come from Mangrove - Nigerian expert

Nigerian born ogbonge scientist Aroloye Numbere say Mangrove fit help clean di polluted environment for Niger Delta

Oil pollution na one major environmental palava wey di Niger Delta region for southern Nigeria dey suffer and plenti toks and research don try to find solution for am.

Dr Numbere na lecturer for Animal and Environmental Biology for University of Port Harcourt and im also be member for International Society for Mangrove Ecology.

One of im research, as im tell BBC Pidgin, show say mangrove wey kontri pipo dey call "angala" dey grow well well naturally for di tropical region for Niger Delta and e fit epp to absorb di oil pollution wey dey affect di environment.

Dis na because Mangrove dey act like filter, na so Numbere, di 2018 World Champion for Environmental Science for Precipitation category tok.

But di problem be say Nipa palm don kill most of di mangrove wey dey grow dia. Di UniPort lecturer say if pipo encourage and promote di growth of mangroves aka angala, e go help di environment as dat na wetin nature put dia to balance di environment.

Di International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR) wey give am award recognise Numbere am as baba because of im knowledge and research to epp pipo understand di environment.

Environment pollution na major issue for di Niger Delta region as many big international oil companies don get accuse say dem no dey clean oil wey don spill comot for ground.