Anglophone crisis: De world di watch how goment forces di kill, HRW rights group tok

Cameroon goment forces Image copyright Getty Images

Human Rights Watch say for inside one moon, goment forces kill four pipo, rape one woman for Northwest Cameroon.

De rights group say goment forces kill old man weh e get disability and craze man wit oda two pipo for space of one moon for Northwest region.

Dis report komot two days afta family mimbas for Fai and Yuwang narrate how deh komot de two pikin dem for house kill'am for Rifem Bui Division for Northwest Cameroon.

Lewis Mudge, Central Africa Director for Human Rights Watch say de killings dem dey for long list for abuse weh Cameroon security forces commit for de two regions.

"Instead make justice bi, Cameroon authorities di deny say forces no di kill and rape pipo, so e bi important make we remind dem say de whole world do watch", Mudge tok.

De rights group say deh tok for family for victims, witness, medical pipo and residents weh deh di describe security action.

Human Rights Watch tok how deh kill one man for Kumbo, rape woman too, and de killings for Alachu for Bamenda.

Also how deh kill one Carine Fru and e sista weh deh shoot'am no die and di recover from e wound dem.

De abuse and unlawful killings di go on for de army side since weh deh crisis start for 2016, de right group add.

"Make goment forces and separatists fighter stop for abuse de population, and say make goment investigate de kilings, abuses and too much use for force", de group tok.

For dem de dis kana action di make de population believe say deh forces bi out for crush not protect dem.

Goment nova yet reaction but army tok-tok pesin go fit only tok for Wednesday wen e read de report.

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