Kondengui prison: Mfoundi SDO accuse MRC for Anglophone prisoners’ strike

Mfoundi SDO accuse MRC for Anglophone prisoners' strike

Senior Divisional Officer for Mfoundi, for Yaoundé, Jean Claude Tsila don accuse Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party prisoners say na dem push Anglophone prisoners for Kondengui for strike.

Kondengui prison boil yesterday as Anglophone prisoners for Kondengui central prison komot cover pot di nack'am sing, for show dia anger say de conditions for prison no good.

For de Jean Claude Tsila, weti cause dis kana situation na CRM mimbas for Maurice Kamtoeh inside prison weh deh push Anglophone prisoners for strike.

Tsila say deh check inside de prison, for see who get telephone and oda kana weapons, den add say authorities di control de situation.

But Barrister Christopher Ndong weh na vice president for CRM party and lawyer for some Anglophone prisoners say militants weh deh arrest, deh mix dem up for de same prison even plus some bad criminals.

De prisoners no get uniform for say who bi who, den add say Cameroon sign conventions against torture and make goment respect human rights, Ndong tok.

"De build Kondengui prison for 1967 for 1500, pipo and today na more dan 9000 pipo dey inside", Ndong tok den add say make goment solve de problems.

De strike for Kondengui start yesterday wen Anglophone prisoners say deh no know why deh lock dem, deh no di try some, deh di treat dem bad, chop no good and deh bi laik animals so deh wan minister for Justice for explain.

Deh start nack cover pot, sing ambazonia anthem and revolution songs, "Ambazonia rising", den for night tins turn bad, fire catch for some part for prison and some pipo wound.

Na former prime Minister Ephraim Inoni and former minister for health, Olanguena Awono get wound and deh dey for hospital just now, SDO for Mfoundi confirm.

Just now vice president for MRC, Murtar di miss from Kondengui and e no bi clear wusia deh don take e go.

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