Nigeria 2019 elections: US sama some pipo visa restriction

Donald Trump and Muhammadu Buhari Image copyright Getty Images

Di United States don impose visa restrictions on top some pipo for Nigeria wey cause election violence, do mago mago, for di kontri 2019 election.

Even those wey dem consider say get hand to dabaru di democratic process for di kontri also chop di sanction.

Na di tok-tok pesin for US Department of State, Morgan Ortagus na im yan dis one for statement for Washington on Tuesday.

Ortagus explain say di US bin don cut Nigerian politicians since January 24, she add say America go hama any one wey cause bad belle for di election.

The names of those wey dey affected by this visa restriction neva show, e no also dey clear di criteria wey di US gofment dey use to choose those e go affect but Ortagus say

"These individuals bin operate wit impunity and take Nigerians do yeye plus dem violate human rights".

Di good news be say no be every Nigerian chop dis sanction, na some pipo and e never dey clear who dem be.

Di US goment also bin don cut politicians warning tey-tey during di 2015 election wen di den Secretary of Sate John Kerry bin come Nigeria, he warn say any politician wey cause election violence no go ever get America Visa.

But the US government bin no follow up wit action but dis time around, dem show say dem mean business.

One former advisor to di US state department tell BBC say dis decision wey US take to impose visa restriction dis time around, show say rapport no dey between Buhari administration and US diplomatic mission for Nigeria.

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