Cameroon prison riot: Commotion for Buea Central prison afta Yaoundé

Mfoundi SDO accuse MRC for Anglophone prisoners' strike

Prisoners riot for Buea Central prison as resident say deh see big smoke di komot form there, hear as deh di shoot stones and police respond with tear gas and gunshots.

Goment bin accuse Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM prisoners say na dem push Anglophones for riot for Kondengui, Yaoundé.

De Buea riot start na only some hours afta Yaoundé prisoners take over dia yard, complain say de prison over flop, chop no fain, e no bi clear why Buea prisoners vex.

Before de riot, 100 prisoners for Buea prison deny for go court.

Afta de Yaoundé prison riot, Amnesty International warn say make Cameroon no di over use force for prisoners as security forces bin shoot gun inside Kondengui prison for stop de riot.

But Rene Emmanuel Sadi, gofment tok-tok pesin for release say security force no bin use live bullet even if deh shoot for stop de riot.

Sadi salute security forces weh deh work laik professional for bring back calm as deh use modern method and tools for discourage de prisoners.

Marie Evelyne Petrus Barry, Amnesty West and Central Africa boss say make gofment stop for use over force for prisoners, and make deh do objective investigate for how deh fire gun and live bullets.

Prison conditions for kondengui wowo, pipo plop for prison as deh di wait for go court. If dis situation no change violence go fit still happen for prison, Petrus-Barry tok.

"Make authorities try for improve de conditions for prisoners, free all man weh e try for take e right for peaceful protest. Make sure say de pipo weh dia taim for waiting trail don pass, see judge or make deh free dem", Amnesty West and Central Africa boss add.

For 2017, Amnesty warn say prisons dem over flop afta weh deh arrest plenti pipo for Anglophone regions.

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