Why we dey tell pipo to come pick us - Fire service for Kano

Lagos state fire fighter dey work for Balogun market fire on January 12 2019 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Lagos state fire fighter dey work for Balogun market fire on January 12 2019

Fire Service for Kano state, north west Nigeria say dem dey tell pipo wey call dem for emergency to come pick dem up because dia trucks dey under repair.

Tok-tok pesin for di Kano Fire Service Saidu Mohammed tell BBC Pidgin say di two motor wey dem dey use go tackle fire and oda emergencies dey under repairs so in case of emergency make pipo wey dey wia e happen carry motor come pick dia men.

Na on Monday residents of Tukuntawa call Fire Service after one eight year old girl fall inside well for di area, but di agency respond say dia motors dey down at di moment unless dem fit come carry dem.

Na similar thing happen for Gaida area wia flood carry one man go after heavy rain wey pour on Sunday.

"Di tin be say na total of four motors we get to tackle issues but two dey serve local gofments while two na for di city, na di ones wey dey city break down so we dey try fix dem na wetin we dey tell pipo."

"When our motors breakdown, we dey tell pipo wey call to carry dia motor come pick our men so dat we fit go assist dem or sometimes police fit carry dia motor come pick us." Dis na wetin Saidu tok.

Hajiya Fatima Sani wey dey stay Tukuntawa tell BBC Pidgin say she send boy to go get her water from well na im di boy come back dey shout say pesin dey inside.

"Na so I rush to confam wetin di boy tok and tru I see pesin inside well. Our men call fire service and dem tok say dia car dey faulty unless we go come pick dem, dat tin pain us."

Meanwhile rresidents for Kano dey para about di mata say how a state wey get highest population for Nigeria according to di 2006 census (16.3M) go get only two fire emergency motor for city.

But Saidu say gofment don promise to buy more motor for dem.

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