Cameroon prison riots: Two days lockdown for support Anglophone prisoners afta riot

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Kontri pipo for Anglophone regions dey na for house today as Southern Cameroon leaders don put Monday and Tuesday, July 29-30 as lockdown for support Anglophone prisoners afta riot for prison.

For July 22, some Anglophone prisoners bin take over prison yard for tell authorities say deh conditions dem for prison wowo, deh don di wait for trial for long, chop weh deh di give dem wowo, say deh di treat dem worse pass animal.

De protest later change level turn to riot wit other prisoners security forces shoot for stop de disorder.

Dr. Cho Ayaba, president for ambazonia governing council say security forces give about 300 Anglophone prisoners snake beating, take dem from Kondengui to State Secretariat for Defense, SED and deh no get access for lawyers, family and friends.

For seka dis, de leaders say make authorities free Anglophone prisoners say de ghost town na for show support and for ask goment wusai deh dey.

De interim for e side goment give e own figures say deh kill 11, wound 50 den blindfold some take dem to unknown destination.

"We de call goment for tok wusai deh don take de pipo dem go, free all Anglophone political prisoners, give media and rights groups access for de prisoners, two day lock down and protest for Cameroon embassies", Dabney Yerima vice president for interim goment tok.

Prisoners try for make list for 195 pipo weh deh di miss for Kondengui prison, de leaders give goment five days for show de leaders if not de lock down go continue.

Fear na say leaders laik Mancho Bbixy, Tsi Conrad and odas weh deh condemn for 15 years go don die afta torture.

But, Maximilienne Ngo Mbe, director for Central African Human Rights, REDHAC, say Mancho Bibixy and odas dey alive and e go only give details for Wednesday July 31 for media.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi, goment tok-tok pesin, afta de attack bin say 177 ring leaders for riot dey for judicial police for give dem informate.

As case for Southern Cameroons leaders di appear for military court today, de counsel and dis clients say deh go wear red ban for protest how deh treat dia counsel and prisoners.

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