Sex: If woman force man to do Kerewa, na rape?

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Image example Sex fit cause heart attacks but dem been no know say e get link with cardiac arrest.

Wen man wan follow woman do kerewa without her permission na rape be dat.

But what if woman make man do kerewa with her, without im permission? Dat no be rape under di law for England and Wales, but di author of one new study of di phenomenon say e suppose be.

Warning: Dis tori fit disturb some readers

Sabi pesin Dr Siobhan Weare of Lancaster University Law School do one research ontop pipo wey use force do Kerewa for UK for 2016-17, e gada informate online from more dan 200 men.

She publish her latest study dis week - based on one on one interview wey she do with 30 men between May 2018 and July 2019- wia dem tok in details about kerewa without permission dey happun, wetin be di outcome and wetin di law tok on di mata.

All di pipo wey do di research no want make pipo know who dem be, but I go call one of dem John.

John tok say di first sign wey show say something ddey wrong na wen im partner start to hurt herself. Afta di tin happun wen im rush her go hospital. Di couple tok about wetin fit cause dis kain tin.

Den six months later instead of harming herself, she change her tactics to face John.

I bin dey sitdon for parlour no so she come from kitchen, give me beta blow for nose come run dey laugh," na wetin John tok. "Di violence start to happun regularly."

She try to get help from Doctor, na wetin John tok. Dem counsel her and dem refer her to psychologist - but she no attend her appointment.

She go come back from work "and just demand make me we do kerewa", na wetin im add.

"She go dey violent, e reach one stage wey I know wan make she come back from work.

One occasion john wake up to find out say im partner don handcuffed im right arm to dia metal bed frame. Den she start to dey hit am for head with loudspeaker dia radio wey dey beside dia bed, she tie up im oda hand with nylon rope try to force am to do kerewa.

Fear and pesin wey dey im pain, John no fit do wetin she want- na so she beat am again and leave for di chain for 30 minutes before she free am. Afta wey tins don cool down she no greet ok wetin happun.

E no tey afta di incident she carry belle, den di violence reduce. But few months afta she born, John wake up one night to discover say she handcuff am for bed.

Den im say im partner force feed am to take Viagra afta she tie im mouth.

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"I no fit do anytin about am," na wetin im tok

Later I go sitdon inside shower I no know how long I stay dia before I go downstairs. Di first tin she tell me wen she enta di room na 'Wetin we go chop for night? '"

Any time John go try to tell pipo about di tin wey im eye dey see for house, dem no dey belief am.

Pipo dey ask me why I neva comot for di house. Well na di house wey I buy for my children. And also di money too follow na wetin im tok

Pipo still no dey believe am dem go tok tins like Well why you no hit am back?. Dat one dey easy to tok pass to do am

"I wish say I run leave her tey-tey."

Anoda person wey follow do di survey say: "We dey fear to tok about am and dey shame too and wen we tok about am, pipo no dey believe because we be men . How woman go abuse man? look am now na man im be."

one myth na say if men get erection dem must want do kerewa. In fact, Weare say, erection na just physiological response to stimulus".

"Man fit get erection even if dem dey fear, or dey angry, na so she tok"

E get one research wey show say women fit respond sexually wen dem force dem do kerewa, because dia body dey respond to am. Na di same tin wey for both man and woman.

Weare say most of di pipo wey take part for di research tok say di kerewa wey dem do by force na "rape", and some of dem dey para say under di law of England and Wales e no go count as rape. Anoda tin wey frustrate di pipo na sa British society no go recognise am as rape.

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