Cameroon prison riot: Authorities don put Yaoundé capital city for alert

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Paul Atanga Nji, Territorial Administration Minister, say Yaoundé na capital city and authorities no go allow any disorder.

Authorities review security situation for capital city afta de riot weh e break for Kondengui Central prison some days ago.

Riopt for Kondengui Central prison di show we say we get for bi vigilant and proactive", interior Minister tell governor, senior divisional and divisional officers for centre region.

Atanga Nji say as of now, de security situation bi under control but tell administrative authorities and security forces for bi alert.

"Yaoundé na capital city and base for all state institutions and we no fit tolerate any disorder", Atanga Nji tok.

Minister tell local authorities for put in place all mechanism for target any attempt for disrupt public order stop any kana disorder.

"Make admin authorities under governor e authority use legal channels for gada informate weh e fit lead for stop any plan republican institution", e add.

"Administrative authorities and forces of law and order, activate all network for move informate right up for helep authorities for take correct decision quick-quick", Atanga Nji tok.

For some taim insecurity deh for town taxis and bensikin sector weh e don flop with robbers weh deh di take di passengers seize dia bags and moni.

Atanga Nji use opportunity for ask forces of law and order for put correct check for stop dis kana attack dem.

Minister say make council security di work wit population, dialogue wit dem and avoid situation weh e fit turn to fight.

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