Cameroon prison riots: Gofment say 43 prisoners wound, no man die for Buea

Mfoundi SDO accuse MRC for Anglophone prisoners' strike

Cameroon gofment say 43 prisoners get wound, 20 receive treatment while nobody die for Buea prison riot.

For July 23, tori be say pipo weh deh di await trial for seka Anglophone crisis riot, deh bin lock entrance, burn and spoil tins.

De riot for Buea happen afta de one for Yaoundé for July 22 wen Kondengui Anglophone inmates take over prison yard for condemn conditions dem for prison plus long wait wiut no trial.

For release Rene Emmanuel Sadi, gofment tok-tok pesin say no man no die for Buea prison riot afta kongossa bin don komot say prisoners die.

But e say two security officers, plus di 43 inmates get wound, deh take 20 go for prison health unit den one critical pesin for Buea hospital.

Fire burn prison library, store for chop wit all de chop and office for prison discipline master.

"Afta check, gofment say de 20 prisoners bi ring leaders and deh dey for police hand for give dem information.

Laik for Buea, for Yaoundé gofment bin identify 177 pipo say na dem lead de strike for and deh di squeeze information from dem.

For Yaoundé deh don already komot some of de Anglophone inmates dem to oda prisons.

De riot don make gofment put Yaoundé for alert. Anglophones dem weh deh run from crisis and de pipo weh deh di host dem fit bi for problem as Yaoundé II, local administrator don tell chiefs dem for put dia names dem give e today.

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