Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp na like "crime scenes" - Netflix Cambridge Analytica

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Image example Dem sama Facebook $5bn fine dis week on top di Cambridge Analytica palava

Imagine say pesin tell you say di apps wey you dey use evri day including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp na all "crime scenes"?

Dis na di words wey pipo wey dey one new Netflix documentary wey dem call The Great Hack to show as social media be.

Di feem na about one of di biggest scandals for recent times, wen Facebook bin carry informate from millions of ontop Facebook give one company Cambridge Analytica.

Di company come use di informate on wetin pipo like, who dem dey follow tok or wetin dem post to show political campaign adverts for dia social media feed based on di informate wey dem gada.

Di political campaigns na Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and di Leave EU campaign.

"Data don become di asset wey get value pass for world, pass oil," Jehane Noujaim, one of di directors of The Great Hack, tell BBC.

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Image example Jehane Noujaim (left) and Karim Amer, di pipo wey direct The Great Hack feem

"Fight dey go on for your personal data, wey dem don dey use manipulate to vote di way di pipo wey don buy your data want make you take vote."

Jehane tok say we dey "live inside Matrix" and she and her co-director karim Amer want make di feem help all of us understand how dem dey use our information and make evribodi begin tok about am.

"Dis tins bins start as spaces to share wetin we like, di kain music we like, our foto. So di question na, if Facebook na crime scene, how we fit get justice?" Karim tok.

Im say our personal data na like online juju doll wey apps dey use anyhow because of di digital footprints wey you dey always give out.

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Facebook say dem dey send notice to user wey go tell dem weda dia data don fall enta pesin hand.

Cambridge Analytica deny say dem break any law, say dem no use di data for di US presidential election.

Upon wetin dia two tok about social media, Jehane and Karim no tink say make you quit social media sharp sharp.

"Na about consent," Karim tok. Im feel say pipo no really understand di data wey dem dey give out.

"Dem dey trick us. Dis apps dey always monitor you to give your informate to di highest bidder."

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