Tayo Faniran: Nigeria petition South Africa police for attack of former Big Brother Africa star

Instagram live video wen di mata land Image copyright Other

Nigeria goment on Saturday petition South Africa police authorities on top attack of one Nigeria man wey be former Big Broda Africa star Tayo Faniran.

Di consular-general of Nigeria High Commission for South Africa Godwin Adamana im do di petition afta Tayo Faniran bin post video for im Instagram page wia two south Africa policemen bin dey beat am.

Image copyright Tayo Faniran/Instgram
Image example South Africa police bin wan search Tayo Faniran phone by force earlier dis week

Abike Dabiri-Erewa di chiarmo for Nigerians in Diaspora Commission say some South African policemen already dey on trial on accuse say dem maltreat of some Nigerians inside South Africa.

Dabiri-Erewa say di move na to get justice for Faniran.

Already, Tayo Faniran don enta Instagram do anoda video to tank Nigeria as di goment chook bodi for di mata.

Complain full ground of foreigners wey dey suffer different kinds of attacks alias Xenophobia for South Africa and di target na pipo wey di locals dey accuse dem of taking jobs from locals.

Xenophobia against migrants from oda African countries no dey new for South Africa.

Di National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) on Thursday close down di Kaduna office of South African Telecommunication giant, MTN, to protest xenophobic attacks and kill kill of plenty Nigerians, according to News Agency of Nigeria.

Tok tok pesin for di students joinbodi presido Olawande Ajayi tell di BBC say "we need to protest wetin di South Africans dey do to us!"

Inside 2015 unrest inside di cities of Johannesburg and Durban claim seven lives as immigrants na im jaguda pipo begin hunt down and attack.

South Africa experience dia worst outbreak of violence against foreigners inside 2008, wen more than 60 people die.

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