Maurice Kamto prison anniversary: Amnesty wan goment for investigate torture

Maurice Kamto Image copyright AFP

Amnesty say make Cameroonian government investigate torture for 59 Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party supporters.

De call kam as CRM party leader Maurice Kamto and some supporters make six moons dis July 28 for ngata (prison)

For January 28 security forces arrest Kamto and 107 supporters for dia white march as deh insist say President Paul Biya no win election afta Cameroon constitutional Council bin declare e winner.

Marie-Evelyne Petrus Barry, director for Amnesty West and Central African say make authorities investigate, punish de pipo weh torture 59 supporters weh deh bin arrest for Yaoundé for June 1, wen deh bin plan peaceful march.

For release weh Amnesty komot for July 26, de group shock how authorities torture 59 Kamto supporters for State Secretariat for Defense, SED.

Deh maltreat 59 supporters, six weh na woman dem, give dem snake beating, make dem walk laik duck-fowl for mud, traumatise dem, wen deh bin question dem for SED before deh later free dem.

Amnesty say make goment free Kamto and more dan 100, supporters weh deh still deh inside cell just because deh take part for peaceful protest. Authorities free 61 for June.

Marie-Evelyn Petrus Barry, say "laik plenti unofficial centres for Cameroon SED weh e get bad name for torture. De brutal and cruel tactics for stop pipo weh deh get different opinion get for end".

For try Kamto and e supporters for military court di violate de international law and deh fit no get better trial, Amnesty boss add.

As authorities di put security measures for Yaoundé, Paul Atanga Nji, Territorial Administration Minister say deh no go tolerate any disorder from any side or political party.

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