Boko Haram: How Kanuri pipo di suffer stigma for Cameroon

IDP Cameroonian women dey for food distribution center for Koza, Image copyright Getty Images
Image example IDP Cameroonian women dey for food distribution center for Koza, for di far northern province of di Nigerian border on September 14, 2016

Kanuri and Boudouma pipo for Cameroon, Chad and Niger di suffer from stigma as odas communities di call dem Boko Haram.

Tori for woman and pikin dem for video weh BIR bin call dem Boko Haram, den shoot-shoot dem for far north region still dey fresh for pipo dia minds.

Na dis kana stigma weh Yessa, woman from Mora Fra North Cameroon di suffer for seka say e bi Kanuri.

"Just now ah get problem for mix wit pipo because deh di call any man weh e di tok Kanuri Boko Haram and we di really surprise if Boko Haram fit run leave e cargo", Yessa tok for BBC Pidgin.

"Deh just di consider me laik say ah bi mami for Boko Haram. E bi hard for ma small girl pikin for mix wit oda pikin dem for quarter".

"Wen deh hear me tok Kanuri deh say see dat Boko Haram dem, deh no di pass for ma front door. Some taim deh di attack ma girl pikin, and if ah wan ask deh go say make we run, make deh no komot knife".

Some taim I di craiy, ah don see all tin, wen even ma broda or massa no even dey inside Boko Haram.

"Na so de tin di make me shame, ah no even wan live again", Yessa explain.

Image example Yessa say deh just di consider am laik mami for Boko Haram and e hard for her small girl pikin for mix wit oda pikin dem for quarter.

Kanuri pipo don get dis stigma for seka say Boko Haram start na for Kanuri tribe. Wit tears for eye, Yessa say e di vex na for young pipo dem weh deh put dem for dis kana situation.

Voices of Peace dey decide for bring woman, youth and traditional leaders for Lake Chad basin weh problem for security too much.

Ngasa Wise Nzikie, Country Director for NGO, Voices of Peace, say:

"We see say deh di stigmatise Kanouri and Boudouma pipo for Chad, Cameroon and Niger, di address dem wrongly say deh bi 'Boko Haram'. Deh di find themselves between devil and deep blue see, as Boko Haram di attack, and security forces also harass dem for investigation".

De meeting go helep dem for collaborate wit security forces, understand how for tackle de internal conflicts and campaign for stop violent extremism.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Cameroon Police man on patrol for Maroua for far northern province, west of di Nigerian border for September 16, 2016

Army tok-tok pesin Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack Guemo, tell BBC Pidgin say, deh fit only react for harassment if deh get am wen e happen.

Boko Haram attack for di Northern part for Cameroon na everi taim, deh di cause plenti havoc for de area, about 27,000 pipo don die for Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria.

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