Shiites Muslims say Nigeria goment order to ban dem be like comedy show

President Muhammadu Buhari and Sheik ibrahim el-zakzaky
Image example President Muhammadu Buhari na Sunni Muslim while Sheik ibrahim el-zakzaky be di leader of Shiite Muslim

Di order wey court give goment to ban Shiites Muslims wey be Islamic Movement of Nigeria, na like comedy show, according to tok tok pesin for di Shiites, Ibrahim Musa.

Di Shiites dey reply di Nigerian goment as dia leader Sheik Ibrahim El Zakzaky suppose appear for court on Monday ontop case wey im chop accuse of attempted murder.

Garba Shehu, di tok tok pesin for President Muhammadi Buhari tell BBC say di court order wey ban Shiite Islamic Movement of Nigeria no stop dem from practicing dia religion.

For five years tensions don dey increase between di Nigerian goment (get majority Sunni Muslims), and di Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

One Federal High Court for Abuja, on Friday, give order say make goment ban followers of Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky. Di court order come mean say di group na terrorist organisation.

Musa for statement wey im release add say goment dey do all dis tins just to divert attention from di horrible tins wey dem don do dia members.

Im also yan say nothing wey goment go do wey go push dem to cari weapons because dat one no be part of dia religious teachings.

"Dis order to ban us or name us terrorist group na like comedy to us we no take am serious and we no go back down from our push to make dem release our leader." Part of di statement read.

Finally Musa tok say dem dey await dia group of lawyers to finish deliberations on di Mata before dem announce dia next line of action.

Ibrahim El Zakzaky, wey get im ginger from di Islamic Revolution inside Iran, don dey prison since 2015. Im supporters don dey hold regular protests calling for im release, dem dey claim say im need urgent medical treatment.

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