Human Rights Watch ask Nigeria goment to reverse Shiites ban

Supporters of Ibrahim El-Zakzaky carri placard Image copyright Getty Images

Di Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Tuesday say make Nigerian goment reverse di ban wey one Nigerian court order to ban di Islamic Movement in Nigeria - wey be Shia Muslim group - and mark dem as terrorist.

Di world joinbodi inside statement dem release say di law no support di court order.

"Di goment [Nigeria] suppose reverse di ban, because e dey block di religious group members to exercise dia right to come togeda and do peaceful activities." HRW researcher Anietie Ewang tok.

Ewang say legal reason no dey to use ban activities of religious group, even if e include protest for justice and release of their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

"Di Nigerian constitution and international human rights law guarantee di rights to freedom of religion, to relate and to express yoursef," di statement bin tok.

But di way wey Nigeria Police take describe di Shiites recent protest no be of one wey dey peaceful. In fact, dem call di Monday 22 July protest wey IMN do as "violent" and accuse di Shia Islamic group say dem kill one of dia top officer.

On 26 July, 2019 one federal court for Nigeria declare say di IMN amount to "acts of terrorism and illegality" and give order to di gofment to ban di group, although when IMN react to di mata, dem say di ban na like comedy show to dem.

Two days later, di presidency announce di ban. Shiite dey free to practice dia religion after ban - President Buhari

Still, Human Rights Watch fear say di ban ontop di religious group fit even make security mata for di kontri worse.

"Di ban on di Shia movement fit make security worse as dem begin use force to crackdown on di group, and dis fit get serious human rights implications all over Nigeria."

IMN members don dey protest for Abuja and oda places for di kontri, to demand for di release of di leader, Ibrahim el-Zakzaky, wey don dey detention since 2015 even though one court don order say make dem release am.

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