Anglophone Crisis: America ask Cameroon, Separatists to make peace, investigate who kill Charles Wesco

Cameroon solider Image copyright Getty Images

American Senate don komot resolution 292 weh e di ask Cameroon goment and separatists for dialogue make peace return for Anglophone regions.

De crisis weh e start for Anglophone regions for 2016 turn to fight as some group decide for take guns fight wit goment forces.

Just now, about 2000 pipo don die, 500,000 run go oda areas for kontri, about 600,000 pikin dem komot from school, deh burn houses some pipo di live for bush and suffer plenti for de two regions.

Also, di US Congress say make goment join hand wit dem for investigate who kill American missionary, Charles Wesco.

Image copyright US Senate

Gunmen bin kill American missionary as e bin komot for motor wit e family for Bambui, Northwest Cameroon last year as de crisis turn bloody for de region.

Till today e nova bi clear who kill de missionary as goment and separatist forces bin di accuse each oda.

For dia declaration, for July 30, also say make goment free political prisoners, check human rights abuse, use of too much force and plenti oda tins as deh call for dialogue.

Na for seka de fight between goment and separatist forces weh bullet kill American missionary, Kenyan fada and Ghana pastor for Cameroon.

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