Cameroon court bury case, dig’am sentence Ndoki and 46 odas for six moons

Barrister Michele Ndoki

Barrister Michele Ndoki and 46 oda mimbas for Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM go spend six moon jail as Douala court of First Instance decide for number nine day for August.

Court bin stop de case afta deh bin arrest Ndoki, odas for dia march for Douala for November 2018, police bin rough handle, push e for gutter.

Barrister Christopher Ndong, CRM vice president explain say, "Wen de mata bin come up for Bonajo Court of First Instance for Douala, de legal department bin say deh don stop de case for Ndoki and odas".

"Wen MRC plan dia white march for January 26, June 1 and 8, deh go dig de file again bring'am again for court".

Den Ndoki bin tell BBC News pidgin say, "Public prosecutor, with instruction for justice minister decide say case no dey at all. Na very good news, na relief for see say tins di work sometaim. Dis kana action still be scarce for we kontri but we get for accept wen e happen".

But, for number nine day for August de court hear de case even as de accused pipo and dia lawyer no bin bi, den sentence Ndoki and odas for six moon jail term.

E good for note say Ndoki dey for Kondengui prison just now as deh accuse e say e bin wan run komot for country.

Afta January march police bin catch CRM party leader Maurice Kamto and oda leaders and deh don make six moons for ngata.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and oda international bodies don ask Cameroon for free Kamto and party mimbas but goment no di shake.

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