Mia Khalifa shock pipo as she say she make only $12,000 from acting blue feems

Mia Khalifa

Wia dis foto come from, Instagram/miakhalifa

Nigerians and pipo all ova di world dey shocked and surprise to hear say former blue feem actress, Mia Khalifa reveal say she no too make plenti money like dat from di blue feems wey she act.

For both her twitter and Instagram handle, Mia Khalifa post say pipo dey tink say she dey make millions from porn but dis no be true.

"Pipo dey tink say I dey make millions from porn. Completely untrue. I make total of around $12,000 for di industry and I no ever see any penny again afta that. E dey difficult for me to find normal job afta I quit porn." Mai tok for twitter.

"To clarify, nobodi ever promise me "millions", and I no even expect millions. I just wan clarify di common misconceptions about me, and also, about di industry."

She add say she dey involve for porn for short period of time, but her actions spread like wildfire, and she dey surprise say she continue to dey for top rank five years afta she leave di industry and dis na why pipo dey tink say she still dey perform.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Nigerian Pornstar: "Difference dey between ashawo work and bluefilm"

According to tori, Mia only work for di porn industry for three months, but na her name still be one of di most popular names and di most searched adult actors for streaming platform Pornhub 2018.

Mia also post for her Instagram say two years afta she quit di porn industry, she don dey try to force tins to dey normal, and so she decide to change her story and move to Austin to try and 'start all ova.'

Pipo for social media no fit believe di news say ogbonge Mia Khalifa no make plenti money from Porn acting.

Wia dis foto come from, Instagram/miakhalifa

Afta Mia quit porn feem acting, Khalifa don become sport presenter and hope to grow for di field.