Cameroon: Some Yaoundé pipo dey for darkness afta one week black-out

Cameroon pipo no see light for one week

Since one week now residents for some parts for Yaoundé no get light so deh di waka from quarter to quarter for charge dia phones, big business di use generators.

Gaston Eloundou Essomba, minister for water and energy for release say na fire for dia source for Melen, Yaoundé cause de black out weh e happen for June 7.

Dis kana black-out no bi common for capital city and na de first taim weh e take long for fix light laik dis.

But just now kontri pipo di suffer, business pipo weh deh fit, don turn to use generator, but some poor families di use kerosene lamps.

"Ah just komot so from anoda quarter for go charge ma phone, na so weh di live now", Elvis Tata tok.

Tori house for Melen tell BBC say deh di go oda areas for types dia article for newspaper.

Even some mortuary don di struggle for keep die body as light no dey.

Resident tell BBC News Pidgin say deh go for move relative e corpse for one mortuary for town and deh whole place di smell bad as some corpse fit di rotten as light no dey for cool dem.

But, for University teaching hospital, na generator de hospital di use and so deh connect de mortuary.

Mortuary attendant tell BBC News Pidgin say before generator no bin bi but now de new hospital director don make sure say generator di work wen light no bi.

Some hotel tell BBC say deh di spend FCFA 100,000 every day for put fuel for generator weh e too cost and e no good dia business.

Water and Energy Minister request say make authorities weh deh bi concerned for make sure say light bi for hospital and place for pomp wata.

Although de minister bin say deh fit solve de problem for inside one week, de electrify company say e go take laik three to six moons for get steady light back for Yaoundé.

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