Ogoni killings: Notorious gang na im kill pipo, burn houses for Okwali - eye witness

Remains of di House of Mene Nule Jnr. for Taabaa Community Image copyright Nwazim Barikui Clever

Ten pipo die for Ogoni afta gang members of one notorious armed robber enta Okwali community for Khana Local Goment Area in Rivers State to do revenge attack.

Kasala burst afta di traditional ruler of Okwali community arrest one notorious armed robber some time ago, carry give police and now im dey Port Harcourt prison but im gang members bin don threaten say if dem no comot dia oga from prison, dem no go allow di community rest.

Monday Abueh wey im house and di house of di traditional ruler of Okwali community na im burn, tell BBC Pidgin say on Tuesday 13 August wey dem attack di community, dem go straight to im house and di traditional ruler house burn dem, come kill ten pipo.

But Rivers state Police tell BBC Pidgin say na only two pipo die for wetin dem suspect to be cultists attack.

Image copyright Nwazim Barikui Clever

Jaguda pipo bin attack three communities for Nyokhana area for Khana local goment area of Rivers State on Tuesday and Wednesday kill pipo, burn down many houses and cars sake of di community no release dia leader from Port Harcourt Prison.

Di jaguda pipo no end dia attack for dia.

According Dumnamene Dekor wey dey represent Khana/Gokana federal constituency for House say di boys also kill five pipo for Taabaa community, burn down di house of President of Movement for di Survival of Ogoni People. MOSOP, Legborsi Pyagbara for Nyokuru Community.

Oga Abueh say di gang members bin call for fone dey threaten di community say dem no go know peace, and according to am, "na so e happun."

Image copyright Nwazim Barikui Clever

Pyagbara tell BBC Pidgin say im just dey return to di country only to hear say dem don burn down im house for di gbege wey happun.

Na sake of dis kain attacks Rivers State Goment bin ban all youth activities for di state becos say cultism don enta many youth organization.

Di order say any pesin wey wan contest election for any youth group must pass through police and DSS screening to make sure say dem no belong to any cult group.

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