Police arrest five pipo for Hausa, Yoruba traders fight for Lagos

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Image example Di market wey dem scata

Police for Lagos don arrest five pipo, afta clash between one Hausa scavenger wey dey pick tins and one Yoruba area boy for Ilepo market, south west Nigeria almost turn tribal war.

According to statement wey tok-tok pesin for di command Bala Elkana release, dem get report for Oke Ode Police station say misunderstanding start wen di area boy wey bin dey carry load for im head fall down afta di Hausa boy push am by mistake. Argument start wey lead to two fighting.

Friends of di two parties join for solidarity fight and oda jaguda pipo take advantage begin dey steal and loot. Dem block di Lagos/Abeoukuta express way.

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According to di police, di mata for turn into ethnic crisis if not for dia timely intervention.

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Nobodi die for di incident but four pipo wey wunjure dey receive medical treatment. Police say dem go charge di suspects wey dem arrest go court.

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