Cameroon army killing: Court adjourn case for soldiers weh deh kill mami and pikin dem

Soldier and woman Image copyright Facebook

Military court no hear case for seven soldiers weh deh kill mami and pikin dem for Northern Cameroon for number 19 day for August as deh plan for seka say free hall no dey.

Deh case bin suppose hold today for military court as army tok-tok pesin Colonel Adjonfack bin confam for BBC Pidgin.

But instead na case for Southern Cameroon leader Sisiku Julius Ayuktabe bin bi for court.

Colonel Abega Mbezoa Epse Eko Eko sign notice say deh adjourn all case weh deh suppose come up today for number 27 day for August for seka say free hall no dey.

Seven bin get for appear for court for answer charge for killings and no respect instructions.

For 2018, video weh e show how some soldiers di kill mami and pikin for North Cameroon shock kontri pipo.

First, Cameroon goment bin say na fake news say deh killing no bin happen for Cameroon, but later say deh don catch de soldiers say deh go answer for court.

Afta BBC use technology for show say de killing happen for Northern Cameroon, goment announce say deh don catch dem and deh go answer for court.

De seven soldiers bin don di appear for court before but e no bi clear for which level de case bi.

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