Police arrest officers wey kill two suspects for viral video

Di officers inside di viral video Image copyright Lagos Police Command
Image example Di officers inside di viral video

Police for Lagos say, four police officers wey get hand inside di shooting of two suspects inside one video wey go viral ontop social media for Nigeria go face murder charges if dem find dem guilty..

Inside statement wey di Police tok-tok pesin Bala Elkana sign, dem say wetin di officers do, wey dem shoot suspects wey dem don already arrest dey against dia code of conduct and laws wey dey guide how police suppose treat suspects wey dey dia custody.

Police identify di officers as Inspector Fabiyi Omomayara, Sergeant Olaniyi Solomon, Sergeant Solomon Sunday and Corporal Aliyu Mukaila wey dey attached to Iba Division Patrol team.

According to di police statement, di incident happun on Monday August 19 around 3:00pm afta dem receive distress call for Iba station from one Anugu Valentine, wey say one group of men attack am for Ipayi area for Iba, collect im iPhone.

Di divisional police officer of Iba deploy patrol team to di scene, for wia dem arrest two suspects with two local guns and bullets while two odas escape.

Police say di officers celebrate di arrest because di gang dey notorious for several robberies around Iba and di area, but di statement add say dem take am too far wen dem kill di suspects instead of to take dem go station.

Elkana add say dia action go against dia professional standard and investigation dey go and if dem find dem guilty, dem go forfeit dia job and face trial.

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