Sudan transition: Lt-Gen Burhan don enta as Sovereign Council chief

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Lt-Gen Burhan (R) go dey in charge of di Sovereign Council for di first 21 months

Di oga patapata of Sudan Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lt-Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan, don enta office as leader of di new sovereign council.

Im go lead group of six civilians and four oda military officers as part of plan to move to democracy wey go take 39 months.

Dem go also get prime minister and cabinet.

Di new goment dey come afta dem comot Omar al-Bashir for April.

Im bin serve as president for nearly 30 years but military remove am afta months of protests.

On Saturday, di TMC and civilian leaders sign deal wey clear road to move to new democratic rule.

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Image example Mohamed Hamdan "Hemeti" Dagolo na strong man for Sudan military and pipo feel say im be di most powerful man for Sudan

Under di agreement, Gen Burhan go dey in charge of di Sovereign Council, wey dey replace di TMC, for di first 21 months; civilian go come take over until elections for 2022.

Di oda 10 members of di council also take oath enta office on Wednesday.

Ogbonge economist Abdalla Hamdok, wey civilian protest leaders nominate as prime minister, also do swearing-in.

Di ministers of defence and interior, wey go be part of di cabinet, na military go choose dem.

Who be Lt-Gen Burhan?

  • Dem born am for 1960 for di village of Gandatu, north of di capital, Khartoum
  • Im study for Sudanese military academy and later for Egypt and Jordan
  • Former president Bashir appoint am Inspector General of di army for February
  • Dem name am head of TMC afta dem remove oga Bashir

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