Nigeria say dem no close Seme border wit Benin Republic

President Olusegun Obasanjo as im dey cross di Benin-Nigeria border to go settle kwanta over criminals wey dey use di border anyhow Image copyright Getty Images
Image example For 2003, Nigeria bin close di Seme border unto say Benin Republic no dey torchlight criminals wey dey follow dia enta dia kontri

Nigeria Customs Service say dem no close di Nigeria-Benin Republic land border afta recent reports and pipo experience wey claim anoda tin.

Customs tok-tok pesin Joseph Attah say pipo dey free to move in and out of di kontri as long as dem get genuine reason to dey di border.

Im say as per di press release wey im comot some days ago, na joint security exercise wey dem dey do for borders cause movement to slow down but say no time dey wen dem close di border.

Dis tok different from wetin some pipo for social media tok say dem experience.

Oga Attah say di exercise wey happun recently na operation Ex-Swift Response wey dem dey do to protect di kontri from "terrorism, armed robbery, smugglers, and pipo wey wan carri small weapons enta."

Nigeria Immigration Service, Armed Forces of Nigeria, Nigeria Police Force and oda security and intelligence go follow Nigeria Customs Service join hand to do di operation, di statement bin tok.

Wen di BBC ask wen di operation go end, Attah say e go still go on for some days.

For di past, Nigeria don close di border because of crime. Like di one wey happun during di administration of Olusegun Obasanjo.

For 2003, dem no gree anybody pass enta unto say Benin Republic no dey torchlight criminals wey dey follow dia enta dia kontri. But dem later open am afta di two kontris settle di mata.

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