FBI don charge 80 pipo, most Nigerians, ontop yahoo-yahoo

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United States Department of Justice (DoJ) don release names of 80 pipo, most of dem Nigerians, ontop accuse of yahoo-yahoo and oda magomago offence.

Federal prosecutors for US city of California say big plan dey di hand of Nigerians to defraud American pipo and dia business for millions of dollars.

"Dis case na part of our ongoing efforts to protect Americans from mago-mago online schemes and to bring to justice those wey dey take advantage of American citizens and businesses.

"Today, we don take major step to break di criminal networks wey dey use BEC (company email) schemes, romance scams and other fraud to thief from victims. Dis indictment dey send message say we go identify those behind am — no mata wia dem chook head put — and we go pour sand-sand for di garri of dia yahoo money", tok United States Attorney Nick Hanna for statement.

Two defendants for California, Valentine Iro, of Carson, and Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwe, of Gardena, chop charge say dem dey operate moni-laundering network wey don transfer at least $6 million yahoo moni go Nigeria, prosecutors bin tok. At least $40 million na im authorities believe say dis two pipo don move.

Na just last week anoda tori bin comot of one Nigerian, Obinwanne Okeke, wey dem arrest for internet mago-mago for America.

Di federal goment agency for Nigerians wey dey live abroad, never react to di two mata.

To see di full list of di 80 names wey dem release on Thursday, download am for di US Department of Justice website.

Authorities believe say most of di pipo wey dem don charge, but never arrest, dey Nigeria.

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