Port Harcourt killing: Anoda woman dem murder, pour acid shock residents

Di place wia dem dump di deadi bodi

Authorities don find di deadi bodi of anoda girl dem murder for goment low cost housing estate for Aggrey road, old Port Harcourt township, Rivers state Nigeria.

Dis wan dey come one week afta dem find di deadi bodi of one girl dem press die inside one hotel for Woji, GRA phase one for Port Harcourt.

Pipo wey dey live for di area tell BBC Pidgin say dem find di body of di girl wey dem say na sex worker for early mor-mor on Thursday around 7:am wey dem wrap for black waterproof drop for one refuse dump along di road.

"Dis refuse collectors dem na im shift di deadbodi come dis side, park di dorti dem. We ask dem if dem no go carry di deadibody too, dem say no, dat one no follow for dia work, dem leave am comot." Na so Bright tell BBC Pidgin.

BBC Pidgin gada say di woman wey die, Patience Hamo na from Tiv, Benue State wey dem don dey look for her since Sunday wey she comot, until dem find her deadibody for di refuse dump.

Rivers State Police Command confam di tori give BBC Pidgin. Tok-tok pesin for Police Nnamdi Omoni say di deadi bodi dey mortuary and investigation don start for di mata.

Dis na di third woman wey go die in three weeks, two for different hotels. Di first na Maureen Ewuru from Abia State wey die for Brooklyn hotel, the second na Jennifer Nwokocha from Obrikom Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local goment for Rivers State.

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