Gofment wan build 4m houses for Nigeria by 2023-Minister

Housing estate Image copyright Getty Images

Nigeria gofment don promise say dem go build four million houses by 2023.

Di plan na to solve di housing palava for di kontri by 2033 wey dey short by 17 million.

Dat na wetin di Minister of State for Works and Housing, Abubakar Aliyu tok for Abuja wen im go inspect di housing project for Zuba, for inside di FCT on Saturday, August 24.

Aliyu say gofment don decide to improve di current construction of 100,000 houses per year wey go meet pipo basic needs.

"We go create beta environment to attract investors for di sector to helep solve di housing wahala for di kontri and achieve di gofment goal by 2033," na wetin im tok.

Aliyu also tok say dem go address di problem wit buying of lands.

For di Zuba project, di minister say na to address di housing wahala for di middle to low income earners.

Dem suppose don finish di project by August but Aliyu say rainy season don cause delay.

Di minister promise say gofment go deliver di project as soon as possible.

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