‘Amba fighter’ use your head check school mata, military stay far from school' - Bishops

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Catholic bishops don komot seven reasons why school suppose start dis year for Northwest and Southwest regions.

Since weh katakata start for Anglophone regions for 2016, some pikin nova go school for three years, and na one week before anoda school year go start.

For open letter weh bishops for Bamenda episcopal provincial conference, weh e include Northwest and Southwest regions write, deh give reasons why schools get for start.

De reasons, bishops say na poor pipo weh de no fit send dia pikin dem for Francophone regions di suffer. But even de pipo weh deh send dia pikin dem for Francophone schools di pay high and even de small Anglophone culture weh e remain di finish.

De say parents dem don gree make deh manipulate dem say if pikin dem no go school for one year, UNESCO go cancel de year and exams but notin don work.

Bishops dem regret say deh di use security reason for deceive pipo because for oda kontris weh deh di fight war, pikin dem di go for school.

Anoda reason na say diaspora di manipulate pipo wen dia own pikin dem di go school, and wen dia families dey fain.

Also, plenti teachers for Anglophone region no get work again for seka de crisis, dia families di suffer and other pipo weh deh di depend on school go for get moni, di suffer.

Bishops send message make fighters use dia head not emotion check dis mata for school and make military stary far from school.

We get proof how fighters and goment forces don burn schools, disturb pikin dem and odas crimes dem for pikin dem, de bishops tok.

Make 'bush' pipo stop for manipulate population weh di pikin dem di go school and dia families di enjoy, deh add.

Bishops di call parents for send dia pikin dem for school, and make teachers no stop for teach pikin dem.

Even if deh nova design beta school system for Anglophone regions, bishops check say pikin dem suppose go for school for know book.

"We no fit take pikin hostage spoil dis future, use dem for politics wen for real sense we dio destroy dem, and taim weh deh don loss deh no fit take'am back" bishops tok.

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