Ashura day: Na only Zakzaky Shia followers get procession ban

Abuja procession of IMN members on Ashura day Image copyright Getty Images

Di Nigerian police say no be all Muslims na im dem ban to do Ashura, but only members of di Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), wey be supporters of Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

"Afta di plenty kweshion wey pipo don ask us about dis IMN ban, e dey important to let pipo know say di ban ontop procession only apply to members of di IMN.

"Muslims wey dey mark di beginning of 'Ashura' all over di kontri ... dey free to do di annual procession," di statement from di Nigeria police bin tok.

But despite di ban and di warning wey police cut give dem on Monday, members of di IMN group do dia religious march for some states in Nigeria.

Members of di IMN for statement say dem lose 12 members of dia members for today Ashura procession but di police authority deny di claim.

Kaduna state police tell di BBC say dem no shoot at all.

For Bauchi State, Police tok-tok pesin, Kamal Datti say because di IMN members no hear word, dem gatz use maximum force to drive pipo comot street, but say di police neva get any news anybody wey die.

Madam Obed Mary of Gombe police command say dem gbab 13 members of di IMN sake of say na di only way police fit stop di protest. E say di police bin get small kwanta wit di 'terrorist' group wey make one of dia officer wunjure.Police tok-tok oga for Sokoto, Muhammed Sadiq say, di police no allow any kain procession as dem put plenti police officers for street to maintain law and order.

Image example Abuja procession of IMN members on Ashura day

According to wetin BBC Pidgin tori pesin Dooshima Abu take eye see, di IMN procession for Abuja, Nigerian capital dey peaceful. Di group waka from Wuse area to Begger and na only 30 minutes dem spend compare to di hours wey dem dey cari do di procession before.

Di Ashura procession na annual yearly event to mourn di death prophet grand pikin Husayn ibn Ali for battle for kabala in Iraq.

IMN bin hold ground say dem must come out to do dia waka even afta police draw ear give dem on Monday say make dem no try am as goment don ban di group.

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