Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre say 22 million pipo go be IDPs before 2019 finish

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Life and tins as e be for Anglophone IDPs for Douala

Di Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) tok say dem don record more than ten million new cases of internal displacements between January - June 2019.

Out of di total number, 3.8million na as a result of conflict and violence wey happun across Africa and di middle belt.

Di oda ones wey di number high na because of peace deals and cease fire operations for Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Libya wey no later happun.

Wetin dey cause di increase?

Di IDMC Director, Alexandra Bilak explain say di figure of di internal displacements dey very high because of di ongoing instability for di Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

Criminal violence for North-West Nigeria and di clashes between farmers and herdsmen for middle belt region of di kontri don force many pipo to comot pass di Boko Haram insurgency.

Disasters like storm and flood also account for di reason why seven million pipo wey ghast comot dia homes. Di high number mean say extreme weather don dey become regular things wey dey happun for these kontris.

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Image example Internally Displaced People camp outside Maiduguri after suicide Bombers attack kill four pipo.

Cyclone fani na anoda reason why many pipo don dey internally displaced for India and Bangladesh.

Cyclone Idah cause many katakata for Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Madagascar where many pipo still dey homeless. Serious flood mata happun for Iran wey affect ninety percent of di pipo wey dey di kontri, and across Ethiopia, di Philippines and Bolivia.

Wetin go happun next?

IDMC don estimate say more than 22 million pipo go dey internally displaced before di end of di year 2019. Dem tok say based on tins wey don happun for di past and di fact say plenty of di weather related hazards dey happun for di second half of di year mean say di number of internally displaced persons go triple which go make 2019 be one of di worst years for record for internal displacement.

How we fit end di effect?

To reduce di suffer-suffer and trauma wey millions of pipo dey face every year, IDMC Director, Alexandra Bilak don beg international community support national goments as dem dey try to assist and protect internal displaced persons.

E also advise say make dem build peace and invest in sustainable development and climate change adaptation.

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