Kenyan lawmaker wan control how pipo dey mess inside plane

Lilian Achieng Gogo tell members of parliament say farting on planes fit lead to fight Image copyright Parliament of Kenya
Image example Lilian Achieng Gogo tell members of parliament say mess on planes fit lead to fight

One Kenyan Member of Parliament don demand say make di kontri lawmakers pass law wey go help flight crews deal wit passengers wey dey battle wit mess for plane.

Lilian Achieng Gogo, wey dey represent Rangwe constituency for western Kenya, tell her fellow lawmakers say passengers wey dey mess anyhow don dey become security threat because di smell dey affect fellow travellers for di plane.

"E get one annoying tin wey pipo dey always ignore and dis na di level of messing inside aeroplane... If dem no manage dis one well, e fit cause disturbance and insecurity for plane," she tok.

Madam Gogo bin dey contribute to one motion about amendments to one law wey concern offences wey pipo dey commit for aircraft.

Among tins wey she suggest make dem change na di law wey go allow flight crews to give medicine to passengers to help reduce mess for dia belle.

"We need to get systems of di food wey dem dey give for inside plane and we need to get basic medical systems wey go fit reduce di level of gas wey pesin fit mess out inside di flight."

Di lawmaker explain say mess na very annoying tin wey fit lead to fight among passengers inside plane.

"Mess dey terrible inside di plane. We need to get basic provision of medicines like Eno[medicine]... yes we need to do dis and e suppose be practice wey we need to add join our law."

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Kenya national parliament for di capital Nairobi

Madam Gogo also want all local and international flights to get paramedics inside di plane plus also check di amount of alcohol wey dem dey serve give passengers

"Di drinking wey dey happun for flights dey terrible, e dey worse than wetin dey happun hia on ground. We need to get system wia we go fit manage and control... also we need to get pipo medical history before dem go serve dem certain alcoholic drinks for dia own security."

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