Paul Biya no tok beta as e no end fight for Anglophone regions - Sisiku

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Image copyright Sisiku Ayuk Tabe/Twitter

Cameroon separatist leader Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, wey e di serve life prison say e wan break kontri don say President Paul Biya e tok lack something, as e no order make fight stop for de two Anglophone regions.

President Biya for special outing order say make prime minister coordinate national dialogue, for find solution for Anglophone crisis.

For e ten point reaction from prison from e lawyers, Sisiku say, President Biya bin declare war for de two regions for airport for 2017 and e for tell goment and security forces for stop fight, make de war finish.

E regret as President Biya take particular problem for Anglophones mix'am inside general problem. .

Anglophone crisis na international problem, problem for colonisation for southern Cameroons weh deh di ask make deh give back dia sovereignty with de name Ambazonia, e argue.

Sisiku weh e bin declare independence for dis Ambazonia kontri and become interim presidents say marginalisation no bi cause Anglophone crisis.

Sisiku say Biya e tok for dialogue, di invite pipo for 'bush' but e no put any legal means, on how de go take part for de shiddon tok.

Oda separatist leaders too under Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement, SCLM don rubbish Biya e dialogue tok say na fake, as e no first free Anglophone prisoners and Southern Cameroons leaders weh military court sentence for life prison.

Political parties laik Social Democratic Front, SDF party and Now Moment for Akere Muna don di ready for national dialogue.

Even though Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party for Maurice Kamto glad say dialogue no only tok Anglophone conflict, deh regret say time short for prepare for dis big meeting.

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