Malaria vaccine: Kenya don release di world first injection to treat di killer disease

Malaria Vaccines

Kenya go release di world first malaria vaccine from Friday 13th September.

Dem bi di third African kontri to take part of di Scheme afta Ghana and Malawi.

Across di three kontris, more dan 300,000 pikin dem under di age of two go collect di vaccine every year.

Tori be say na 30 years it take to make di RTS,S vaccine and e dey work to train di body to attack malaria parasite, wey dey spread through mosquito bite.

Di small-small trial wey dem do show nearly four out of 10 baby dey wey dey between di age of five to 17 months , wey collect all four dose of di vaccine, dey protected.

World Health Organization (WHO) say dis fit be game changer, but say you need to use di vaccine with bed nets and insecticides.

Malaria dey kill more dan 400,000 pipo every year- more dan half of di pikin dem dey for sub-Saharan Africa.

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