Police 'blame' prostitution for 'Port Harcourt serial killer'

  • Karina Igonikon
  • BBC News Pidgin, Port Harcourt
Police oga Chuks
Wetin we call dis foto,

Deputy Commissioner of Police Administration for Rivers state Chuks Enwonwu

Police for Port Harcourt, Rivers state say make women no go into prostitution so dem no go fall victim of di kain killing wey dey happun for di area.

Last month, police confam di killing of three young women for hotels for different parts of di city and say two of dem die by strangulation wit white cloth around dia neck.

Wen im dey tok to some women wey do I-no-go-gree waka go police headquarters inside di state, Chuks Enwonwu, wey be number two police oga for Rivers say dem don get reports of di "serial killer."

Though im no tok weda police don confam say true-true dis pesin na serial killer, oga Enwonwu come advice di women to advice dia fellow women.

"In as much as values for society dey go back, make una go back to try to educate dem and discourage dem make dem no do prostitution, because na dia dem fit fall victim to dis kain crime," im tok.

But Soibi Ibibo Jack wey organise di protest waka tell BBC Pidgin say dia concern be say police dey describe all di women wey don die say dem be prostitutes, say dat wan no be true. She say "even if dem be sex workers, dia lives mata, dem be human beings."

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di women wey do dia waka on Friday, say dem want police to arrest di killer so pipo go feel safe for di state

One of di protesters, Ruby Yobana, say as a make up artist, she dey go wia business dey.

"So if I go hotel go do my legitimate work as makeup artist and dis kain tin happun, dem go say I be prostitute? E no good. Make police catch dis pesin. We want to dey safe for dis Port Harcourt day or night," she tok.

Oga Enwonwu also tell di women say police don make some arrests concerning dis mata and say investigation still dey go on.

Enwonwu add say dem don get meetings wit management of hotels for di state on ways dem go do proper documentation of evri pesin wey come lodge for dia hotel and put cameras for place wey go capture pipo well so dem know who come and go from di hotels.