Kenya court say Rasta na religion

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Image example Rastafari na religion wey start from Jamaica

High Court for Kenya don rule say Rastafarianism na religion just like any oda and dem gats treat am like di rest.

Dis one dey come afta one high school for di kontri tok say one young girl no go fit join di school because of her dreadlocks.

Di 15-year-old na student for Olympic High School for Nairobi, capital of Kenya. Dem send am comot from school for January wen dem see am wit dreadlocks.

Officials for di school tok say e no dey part of dia religion.

Di ruling wey Judge Chacha Mwita deliver say di decision dey unconstitutional as na manifestation of her religion.

Her parents file di case and dem tok say di locks dey signify dia faith and dem no fit shave am. Dem also tok say di school action na discrimination and Kenyan constitution don tok say pipo get right to religion, thought, belief and opinion.

Rastafarianism na young, Africa-centred religion wey start from Jamaica for di 1930s, afta dem crown Haile Selassie I as King of Ethiopia for 1930.

Schools for Kenya no get standard constitutional laws but di kontri Basic Education Act allow di school to form rules wey fit help learning.

Di act dey restrict school from affecting di rights of pipo ontop mata like religion.

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