SDF suggest key points for Cameroon national dialogue

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Image example Joshua Osih led de party for give suggestions for PM

Cameroon opposition party, Social Democratic Front (SDF) don suggest six key points weh deh get for include for national dialogue basket.

De party give e first suggestion wen deh meet with Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, as e start put tins togeda for national dialogue.

Dis week President Biya tok for kontri pipo about Anglophone crisis, order prime minister for arrange all tin for shiddon tok, find solution for dis crisis.

SDF as one of de first political party wey prime minister invite don suggest say na neutral pesin weh e no di take side get for chair de national dialogue.

For dem, root cause for Anglophone problem and form of goment, how deh fit adapt new constitution must bi big points inside agenda, deh add.

Anglophone crisis make goment for call dia dialogue, make deh bi de main pipo for discussion and first get preconference before de main national dialogue, SDF tok.

Deh say military no suppose be part for dis national dialogue weh e bi political.

"De pesin weh e call for dialogue get for make sure say condition bi good for dis kana meeting and we suggest make goment call for ceasefire-make all sides drop dia guns, stop fight den forgive all man weh deh lock for prison for seka de crisis.

De party glad as Prime Minister tell dem say UN, African Union and Commonwealth don say deh go take part for dis national dialogue.

"We wish say kontris laik America, Germany and Britain fit also join dis dialogue", de party tok.

Before prime minister tok wit SDF e first meet wit goment officials for Northwest and Southwest regions for lay ground work for dialogue.

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