Robert Mugabe: African leaders gada for Zimbabwe for state funeral

Mr Mugabe's body will be taken to his family home in Harare Image copyright Reuters

African leaders don dey gada for Zimbabwe capital Harare as di kontri dey prepare for dia former president, Robert Mugabe funeral on Saturday.

Dem dey expect more than 12 current and former leaders, including South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, and Nigeria vice president, Yemi Osinbajo to attend.

Dem dey also expect dia national sports stadium to dey filled up with well-wishers.

Di state funeral dey happun afta argument between Mugabe family and di goment ova im burial.

Some big-big pipo, including Equatorial Guinea President Theodore Obiang Nguema, don already arrive.

Oga Obiang, wey come to power for 1979 and don so far dey office pass Mugabe 30-year tok say Mugabe "na leader wey dem no fit compare with any leader for African continent"

"Di pipo of Zimbabwe go forever dey grateful say e take land from di whites and give im pipo," e tok.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Members of the public have been queuing to view Robert Mugabe's body as it lies in state

Like Oga Obiang, many Zimbabweans also choose to remember Mugabe achievements, instead of di political violence and economic kasala wey happun last years of im long presidency.

President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, go address mourners for di National Sports Stadium, wia thousands of pipo go wear di colours of di ruling Zanu-PF party.

But many pipo for Harare fit no come di ceremony because of inflation and unemployment wey dey worry di kontri.

One pesin wey dey stay for Harare tell AFP say.

"We dey happy now e don go. Why I go attend im funeral? I no get fuel. We no wan hear anytin about am anymore. Na im be di cause of our problems."

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Wen and wia dem go bury Mugabe?

Di family of Robert Mugabe say dem go bury am for di National Heroes Acre monument inside Harare. Dis na afta argument with di goment on top wia dem go burry am.

Family spokesman and nephew Leo Mugabe say dis suppose be about a month, wen dem don build di new mausoleum.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Members of the Mugabe family prepare to view the body of the late Zimbabwean president

Dem bin cancel di plan to bury Mugabe on Sunday.

Oga Mugabe, wey be 95 years old, die last week as dem bin dey treat am for Singapore.

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