Cameroon lawyers don start dia five-day strike sake of physical abuse

Lawyers bin do meeting for dia constitutional council Image copyright Eric Suh
Image example Lawyers bin do meeting for dia constitutional council

Cameroon lawyers, mimbas for Cameroon Bar Association for de whole kontri no go wear dia black gowns and wick for head and no go enta court room for five days weh deh di do 'sit-in strike'.

For number 31 day for August de book pipo wit black gowns and wick for head hold meeting make announce say deh go strike from Number 16 -20 day for September.

Lawyers confirm say dia decision for strike for number 15 day for September afta anoda meeting.

Deh say since dia mimbas no reach for take decision, deh go continue wit dia strike how weh deh plan'am for number 31 day for August.

Lawyers di vex as deh di suffer sotei for do dia work- authorities no di lef dem see dia clients and oda pipo dem for detention centres laik Secretariat of State for Defense, SED, prisons, police stations and gendarmerie brigade dem.

For dem, national and international law di protect de right for pipo weh deh accuse but Cameroon authorities di mash-mash pipo dia rights dem.

Deh say some authorities di abuse lawyers, no di respect magistrates and major rules.

Court dem di kweshion pipo and make discussion for language weh deh no di understand, prisoners di appear for court naked, and deh di torture suspects for get informateā€¦, lawyers tok.

Image copyright Eric Suh

Afta lawyers dia warning, goment bin call lawyers for try for fix de problem, as minister delegate for ministry of justice, Jean de Dieu Momo hold meeting wit lawyers for Cameroon Bar Council.

Afta discussion, deh decide for put committee for shine eye for lawyers dia complains and and minister beg dem for change dia mind stop de strike.

De representative for Secretariat of State ad Defence SED, and judicial police promise say deh promise for respect criminal procedure code.

Though lawyers di go on strike, dey thank goment for de step weh deh don take for start fix di problem and promise for continue for work wit goment for find long taim solution.

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