Bad dream make woman swallow her engagement ring

Wedding ring

One America woman don do operation to remove her engagement ring wey she bin swallow as she dey sleep.

Jenna Evans, wey be 29 years old, tok say she bin dey dream say she and her fiancée Bobby dey for one speeding train and she come dey force to swallow di ring to protect am from "bad guys".

She come later wake up from sleep inside her house for California and find out say na dream, but she notice say her diamond ring dey miss.

She say she know exactly wetin happun, she come wake up her fiancee to explain give am, then two of dem come go hospital.

Jenna say she struggle to explain wetin happun give di doctors for hospital "because I dey laugh and cry so hard".

One X-ray scan identify di 2.4-carat ring inside Jenna belle, and doctors agree say e no go dey wise to allow di ring come out from her belle naturally- dat na "to let nature take its course".

Jenna later do operation to comot di ring but she tok say dem tell her to sign release forms in case she die.

"Then I cry well-well because I go dey so mad if I die," I wait for very long time before I get dis engagement ring and I want to marry Bobby Howell."

Image copyright Facebook/Jenna Evans

Di operation dey successful, and Jenna tok say she wake up begin cry one kain funny cry.

"I dey really happy because I no know if I fit look am and appreciate am for di same way," she tell ABC news channel.

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