How lawyer di suffer for work for Cameroon

Barrister Nicodemous Amungwa
Image example Barrister Nicodemous Amungwa

Cameroon lawyers di face plenti problems for do dia work, physical torture from security officials, deh di block lawyers from see dia customers.

Na some tins dem weh push lawyers for Cameroon for strike for five days.

Barrister Nicodemous Amungwa na one lawyer weh e tori BBC News Pidgin how e di suffer for do e work as lawyer for Cameroon.

"For number 27 day for July, ah komot ma office di trek home, two pipo knack ma for back and na afta weh deh say deh bi para-military officers, (gendarmes).

Wen ah wan complain and argue deh say if ah try deh go shoot me. And one of dem touch e gun.

E bi take some hours as ah struggle wit dem. Na so deh choke me until ah enta coma, find ma self for hospital later.

Weh a komot form coma ah hear say some good samaritan call police for take de gun form de gendarme.

Picture for how de dump me laik cargo inside back pick-up motor, for take me go hospital di still worry me till today. Ah no fit belief ah di see ma sef laik pesin weh e jorop for die.

Den as dis lawyer also go for check file for e customer weh deh suspect say na terrorist, about 19 police officers surround me and link me up say ah make proof disappear, e tok.

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Image example English speaking lawyers for Cameroun dey protest

Deh take me go for dia big man and e give me till midday for give de proofs weh ah take from police.

Deh keep me behind de counter, lawyers and president for Bar Association rally for komot me afta eight hours. "

No bi de first taim de di beat lawyer as for 2016 wen Anglophone crisis start and security forces catch, beat and lock some of dem weh deh bin strike.

Dr, Divine Chemuta Banda, chairman for Cameroon Human Rights and Freedoms Commission, tell BBC News Pidgin say e glad for de action weh lawyers take for strike.

Image example Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda, Human Rights Commission

"We don di complain about prison conditions and how for make dem better and prisoners get rights".

"If deh arrest pipo and lawyer get problem for meet dem, for assist dem give advice, den problem dey.

Also, for stop family and mimbas of human rights groups, na really cause for concern.

E di take some taim one-year wen we hear say deh di torture pipo before autunites go give green light for visit.

"My hope na say workers for prison and Justice ministry go understand lawyers na serious pipo and deh no get intention for create problem for kontri. Dia work na for defend and promote how for oversee justice", Chemuta Banda tok.

Image example Minister delegate at Minjustice

But, Jean de Dieu Momo, Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice for one meeting wit lawyers say deh no bi opposition parties. Deh suppose cooperate with goment.

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