Andela sack ova 400 pipo for Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya

Andela Staff for Kenya Image copyright Twitter
Image example Andela sack 400 pipo for Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda

One ogbonge engineering company don sack hundreds of junior engineers for Nigeria and two oda kontris for Africa.

Andela release press statement for Tuesday say time don reach to close im D0 program for Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya and e go affect ova 400 junior engineers wey dey work for di company.

Di D0 programme nah di developer- in-training programme wey di company bin launch for 2014 to help young pipo wey be engineer for some part of Africa

Andela oga, Jeremy Johnson, say ova 250 junior engineer for Nigeria and Uganda office don go and dem go soon send 170 pipo comot from Kenya office

Di reason wey im give nah say plenty customers no dey demand for junior engineers and dis one no dey move dia market, So di company wan focus to hire Senior Engineers.

Following Im statement, Andela say dem dey work with Nigeria's co- creation, Kenya Ihub and Uganada innovation to ensure say all di pipo wey dem sack go get opportunity to work oda Tech Company.

Pipo don go social media dey sympathise with pipo wey di sack affect

Image copyright Andela Nigeria
Image example Andela say dem dey build world class developer community inside Nigeria

Some bin dey hopeful say di pipo wey dem sack go get anoda job

One person for tweeter wey bin dey work for Andela say nah wetin im don forsee say e go happun

Jeremy Johnson add am for statement say im dey confident say di company go dey stronger am im dey look forward to hire back some of di enginner if dem neva get anoda work for future.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori