Python: Goment rescue Snake as pipo enta forest to worship am

Man wey carry snake
Image example Tanzanians goment rescue snake

Goment don rescue one big python from forest afta pipo gada am say e get supernatural power.

Na two weeks ago dem see di snake wey dey 10ft long for Kasala forest wey dey North west of di kontri.

Pipo begin give am live animals make e chop, make e for ansa their prayers.

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Pythons dey wrap imself around animal wey dem wan wan chop before dem kill am.

Some of di pilgrims give di python goats as dem dey ask am make e cure dia sickness and comot evil spirit from dia bodi.

Village pipo tell BBC say nah normal thing wey dem dey do for North-Western Geita Province. Tok say no be witchcraft, nah so dem dey worship.

Image example Issa Kawandiba say dem dey pray make di snake give dem rain

Issa Kawandiba, wey lead pipo from im village go di forest, tell BBC say dem dey ask di Python make e bless dem wit rain.

Im tok say im dey hopeful di python go receive dia wish, even though e no collect di goat wey dem offer am but e swallow di blood of di goat.

As dem dey go di forest, im say e see church pipo dey do service under one tree for wia di snake dey

Oda pipo don go close to di big snake to snap with am with phone

Image example Pipo dey take di picture of di snake with dia phone

Di Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism come later chook eye for di mata as di number of pipo wey dey trek go see di snake dey plenty

Dem don organize make dem carry di python go game reserve wey dey near di town make dem for keep am safe and keep pipo wey dey worship am safe.

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