'Sign language sweet pass to tok'

Abdullahi Ado

Mallam Abdullahi Ado wey be teacher for Kano Special Education school for deaf and dumb yan say sign language sweet pass to tok, na just say pipo no understand am.

"To tok dey consume more energy and sign language dey chop less energy, for me anytime wey I dey wit pesin wey sabi sign language even if e sabi tok, na sign language we dey use yan and e dey sweet."

"All my pikin for house don sabi all di alphabets and some words for sign language because dia father na teacher. I dey use am for house especially when my deaf and dumb students visit me, so na dia my children learn am."

Ado bin dey tell BBC Pidgin dis one on 23 September, wey be di day wey United Nations dey use mark di second International Day of Sign Languages.

Mallam Ado wey graduate from special education department for Bayero University say e don teach hundreds of students sign language in di past 11 years and e dey very happy say dem dey use am beta dia lives everyday.

"Without sign language deaf and dumb no go fit communicate with even dia parents for house talk less of society, so e dey very important. We need more pipo to learn am. For example if court get case with deaf and dumb pesin na here dem dey come borrow teacher wey go help dem translate, so more pipo need to learn."

E say make Federal goment build more schools for deaf and dumb pipo wey go helep those special pikins so dem go dey useful for society.

"We need more schools like dis for Nigeria to accommodate all di special pikins wey di kontri get, in di whole of Kano dis na di only special secondary school for deaf and dumb, e no go reach everibodi," Ado bin tok.

2019 Theme: Sign Language Rights for All!

Di UN say International Day of Sign Languages dey mark di day wit International Week of di Deaf, and each day of di week get im own sub-theme:

Monday, 23 September - Sign Language Rights for All!

Tuesday, 24 September - Sign Language Rights for All Children

Wednesday, 25 September - Sign Language Rights for Deaf Senior Citizens

Thursday, 26 September - Sign Language Rights for Deaf/Blind People and Deaf People With Disabilities.

Friday, 27 September - Sign Language Rights for Deaf Women

Saturday, 28 September - Sign Language Rights for Deaf LGBTIQA+

Sunday, 29 September - Sign Language Rights for Deaf Refugees

Di hashtag wey dem dey use na #IDSL2019 #IWDeaf2019

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