“We strike open eye for how goment di run justice machine”-lawyer

Cameroon Lawyers

De 'no enta court' strike helep for open eye for population and authorities say lawyers dia belle no di sweet wit de way goment di run justice system.

Lawyers for Cameroon Bar Council no wear gown, no enta court for five days strike from 15th- 20th September.

Abuse for lawyers, authorities no di lef lawyers see dia customers, deh di torture for get informate from suspects and de way de justice system di work force dem for for de sit-in strike.

For de last day for strike, Barrister Mbah Eric, Cameroon Bar Council mimba for Bamenda tell BBC News Pidgin say de strike no bin bi for count physical blessings.

"De strike bin bi na for make population weh deh di use justice system and authorities know say we belle di bite for de kana justice system for kontri, e no bin bi na for get physical gains", Barrister Mbah tok.

As we no enta court, pipo weh deh di use justice know say we no laik de way goment di run justice machine and system, e add.

Goment bin meet wit lawyers and deh gree say tins no di work fain, write for dia collaborators make deh beta de way de di treat lawyers and dia clients before de strike.

Press release from gendarmerie weh some lawyers accuse say deh abuse dem physically say deh go respect penal code and human rights.

As de no enta court strike pass for Bamenda, Barrister Mbah say de strike pass as deh want.

"Ah remain for ma chambers and know say lawyers keep dia word, respect for Bar Council order. We no get report say deh see lawyer for court".

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