Indonesia dey reason to ban sex outside marriage

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Indonesia president don match break ontop vote wey go ban sex outside marriage for dia kontri.

Plenti pipo chook mouth ontop di mata for social media wey make Australia goment advice dia kontri pipo wey dey travel go Bali to dey careful.

President Joko Widodo say dem need more considerations ontop di mata, im don delay di vote until next week.

Bali na popular holiday place, millions of pipo dey visit dia every year.

Plenti pipo para well-well for di new change, more dan 500.000 pipo sign petition make di president intervene.

Di House of Representatives commission - wey dey im chook eye for legal mata for Indonesia -agree on final draft dis week.

Wetin be di law wey dem dey propose?

Under di draft laws, dem go ban sex outside marriage- wey fit result to one-year for prison.

Living together outside marriage fit lead to six-month for prison.

To insult di president, vice president, religion, state institutions and symbols like flag and national anthem go also become criminal offences.

And women wey do abortion go send maximum four-years for prison - if no be medical emergency or rape.

If dem pass di code, di law go take about two years to take affect so di public and police go dey use to di new changes dem.

One million new sex infections dey appear evri day - WHO

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But plenti pipo don criticize goment .

Human Rights Watch (HRW) tok say di new laws fit "violate di rights of women, religious minorities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pipo, and e fit no allow freedom of speech and association".

Dem tok for di abortion rule say "e no go allow women and girls' make dia own choice as international law bin allow dem to do."

Politicians for Indonesia say di new laws go show Indonesian independence and dia religion.

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