‘Afta 7 surgeries and 2 amputations, I dey enjoy my life even wit one hand.’ - Mary
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‘I dey enjoy my life even wit one hand’

25-year-old Micheal Oluchi Mary na mass communication student wey survive one disorder wey dem dey call Anteriovenous Malformation (AVM)

She follow BBC Pidgin tok how she take battle di disorder wey be say from start, her parents tink say na attack.

"At first, we tink say na whitlow, so we dey treat am as one." Na wetin Mary tok.

Mary use social media power dey take inspire pipo wey be say get the disorder but no fit tok am out.

Why dis pikin get 'fish skin'

She no let dis one stop her happiness. She don find love and she don marry now.

"AVM na abnormal connection between arteries and veins wey dey bypass di capillary system. E no dey dey commonly diagnosed. Na for brain dem dey mostly diagnose AVM for dis part of di world even though e fit happen anywhere. About 80-90% of pipo wit AVM no dey get symptoms. Most times, na incidental findings from autopsy or treatment of anoda disorder." - Dr. Femi Ajibade-Peters (Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon)

Our tori pesin Sarah Tiamiyu follow ask Dr Femi why be say we no dey quick diagnose dis AVM?

According to Dr Femi many reasons dey. why dem no dey quick diagnose AVM na say pipo no dey come hospital on time sake of say dem dey assume say na one tin or anoda dey do dem. dem go self medicate.

"Anoda reason be say some pipo dey go hospital but dis hospitals dem no dey dey equipped to diagnose di disorder either sake of say technical knowhow no dey or sake of say di right machine no dey.." na wetin Dr Femi Ajibade-Peters (Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon) tok

Im add say pipo dey go hospitals wey dey equipped but dem no dey fit afford to pay for di services. Example na CT stand wey dey very expensive. MRI and MRA sef dey very expensive."

Video Journalist: Sarah Tiamiyu